A new brand is born celebrating the poetic aspect in aesthetics that make a product recognizable and iconic. This aspect can be called POETRY, this is why we called it idilli, wich means "short poem" in ancient greek.

(/ˈaɪdəl/ or /ˈɪdəl/; from Greek εἰδύλλιον, eidullion)


Because we believe that good design should be considered as a poem that you can see, own and touch!


We are proud to tell you that our products are handcrafted by devoted artisans who work with passion, trust and love. That is the reason why every piece reveals in the label who it was made from.  


The WIG VASE is the first product of a collaboration with young talented designers that have the freshness and attitude to comunicate and create desire through the simplicity of an elegant smile.


Follow us, there will be more to come!